Residence in Greece for Foreigners

Residence in Greece for Foreigners

Since 2013 Greece has adopted a law under which a landlord of 250,000 euros or more, and a citizen of a non-European Union country, is entitled to receive in Greece a Residence Permit for Life-Long Duration, renewed every five years. Thus, the acquisition of real estate is not only a good investment, but also a unique opportunity for a lawful life and live-long Residence anywhere in the European Union. The right to obtain this Permit is also granted to the spouse, minor children and the parents of the owner, with access to health and education services, as well as privileges of European citizens with free passage in the 26 countries of the Schengen zone.

Our office undertakes to assist legally interested third-country nationals wishing to acquire immovable property in the Greek Territory and to obtain this Residence Permit, by carrying out all procedures relating to the purchase of the property as well as the issuance of an entry visa in Greek Territory / collection of documents for issuing of Residence Permit / all procedures until the final version of the license and renewal after the expiry of five-year period, eather they already have buying the property or intend to make the purchase.

Also, as the abovementioned Law gives the owner the right to lease his property, we provide our clients with legal advice and solutions for the rental of their immovable property as well as for better management of their property in case they do not wish to have a lasting residence  in Greek territory, so any investment they have already made or plan to make in order to demonstrate benefits of their expense, assuming all related procedures as well as their management.

Finally, we undertake, with the same diligence, all the relevant and necessary procedures for carrying out a larger investment, such as the construction of hotel units / tourist residences or accommodation, etc.